11 Jan

Liberty’s Breanna Stewart reveals she wants out of current WNBA CBA in forthcoming documentary

The Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) and MALKA Media Group have partnered on a new sports documentary set to hit Tubi, Fox’s free ad-supported streaming television service, on Jan. 31, 2024. The film “Shattered Glass: A WNBPA Story,” will follow three current and one former athlete as they discuss their careers, their families and what’s on the horizon for the WNBA.

The documentary is directed by rising filmmaker Andrea Buccilla and an all-women development team. Buccilla herself played golf while attending college at Ole Miss and returned to her creative endeavors after teaching in Mississippi and New York for nearly nine years.

“SHATTERED GLASS: A WNBPA Story is more than a documentary – it’s a movement,” said Terri Carmichael Jackson, WNBPA executive director and an executive producer on the film, in the media release. “We’re bringing to light the incredible stories of these athletes, who are not just sports icons but powerful advocates for change, respect, and inspiration – something that all women can relate to and feel empowered by.”

CBS Sports viewed a rough cut of the documentary before it airs on Tubi next month.

For casual sports fans, the documentary will serve as a primer to the WNBA — its history, its athletes and a debunking of the myths and stereotypes that have followed the league and its players since 1997.

For more dedicated women’s basketball fans, “Shattered Glass” is a glimpse into the daily life of Jonquel Jones, Breanna Stewart and Nneka Ogwumike during the 2023 season. The trio of current WNBA players also weigh in on whether the WNBPA should opt out of its current collective bargaining agreement.

From Good to Great
The documentary starts at an October WNBPA meeting including PA executive committee members and team representatives to discuss the CBA. The meeting served as a 12-month countdown to the opt-out deadline and served as the first of ongoing strategic meetings to determine what the union will decide.

“Yes, I want to opt out,” Stewart says is a 15-second trailer released today.

While the 2020 CBA was groundbreaking, there are still improvements WNBA players want to see. Buccilla gives viewers a glimpse into what topics the WNBPA will consider ahead of the next CBA negotiations. At the top of the list is salary increases, travel and expanded benefits for working moms.

The WNBPA is part of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), a collective of 60 labor unions including the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, or SAG-AFTRA.

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“Shattered Glass” follows Jackson as she joins SAG-AFTRA on the 110th day of their most recent strike. The film suggests the WNBPA will capitalize on its AFL-CIO network while considering whether to opt out of the current league contract.

Salaries and compensation is often at the heart of contract negotiations, and things will be no different for the WNBPA. Throughout the documentary, Jones, Stewart, Ogwumike and other players also weigh in on expanded benefits for parents and a pension program to support retired players. Through the ongoing interviews in the film, Buccilla portrays why these topics are important to current players.

“SHATTERED GLASS: A WNBPA Story is a transcendent documentary that uniquely captures the power and spirit of female athletes,” Tubi CEO Anjali Sud said. “Tubi is proud to collaborate with the Women’s National Basketball Players Association as part of our commitment to uplifting bold and inspiring voices for young and diverse audiences.”

The documentary has a current run time of nearly 75 minutes and will be available to watch exclusively on Tubi beginning Jan. 31, 2024. Jones, Stewart and Ogwumike are listed as executive producers alongside Jessica McCourt (MALKA), Rebecca Otto (Wasserman), Faith Suggs (Sports International Group) and Sheryl Swoopes. Erin Gilchrist managed the production.

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